Our core business and area of expertise includes event management, project coordination, partnership and network building, community engagement and consultation, business planning, funding applications, market research, media and Public Relations and planning for community groups and events.

Government funding & support

Research and assist with funding applications, related business cases, feasibility studies and project plans.

Corporate communication & public relations

Establish relationships and maximise corporate outcomes in line with the assigned task.

Forum & event management

Effectively coordinate seamless events from creation, planning, facilitation, media, sponsorship and marketing to post event reports.

Graphic design

Create effective communication and business marketing tools through designing creative, readable and engaging communications.

Business development

Undertake assigned tasks involving business and/or industry development or itinerant requirements

Community & industry advocate services

Promoting and implementing strategic activities to achieve desired results for specific industry, project or community initiative.

Partnerships & network building

Connect relevant groups, stakeholders, Government departments and corporate entities to reduce duplication, increase patronage, increase financial resources and identify/ demonstrate the appropriate level of support for the assigned task.

Secretarial support

Undertake secretarial based projects on or off site to alleviate the pressures placed on both small and large organisations including all tasks from invoicing, data entry through to reporting, even travel coordination.